Customer Care

Customer Care

Genie Gateway Customer Care     Telephone
Online Support:      (800) 783-0000
GenieCard Activation Line:      (866) 407-3000
GenieCheck 24x7 Verifications:      (800) 365-7700
Check22 24x7 Verifications:      (800) 373-0500
CashBox Activation Line:      (800) 374-1800
CashStation 24X7 Deposit Line:      (855) 613-6500
Load Checks to CashBox via FAX:      (800) 846-8800

Genie Gateway Customer Care eMail Addresses

Brochures and Use Cases
  1. Alternative Payment Processing for On-line Pharmacies
  2. Merchant Account for Credit Repair Business
  3. On-line and Telephone Payment Processing for High Risk Merchants
  4. Payment Processing Service for Medical Marijuana Delivery Service
  5. Payment Processing Service for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators
  6. Payment Processing Service for Religious Organizations
  7. Payment Processing Service for Technical Support Companies
  8. Customizable Payment Processing Android App
  9. CashBox Load FEES and Cash Availability
  10. Genie Gateway Brochure
GenieChecking, GenieCard and Genie CashBox are included in the Genie Gateway which is currently being introduced to merchant at a disruptive price point of $9.95 per month, with a $1 trial period for the first month.

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GenieCard Information

Watch the Video below to learn about the GenieCard - A Private, Convenient and Secure Debit Card.

The GenieCard can change your buying process completely. And it's easy to get; everyone over the age of 18, with a valid checking account at any U.S. bank can qualify. There are:

  1. NO Activation Fee
  2. NO Monthly Fee
  3. NO credit check
  4. NO employment verification
  5. NO credit card needed
  6. Merchants get paid in Real-Time
If a merchant you buy from is a member of the Genie Club, chances are that he or she can give you an envelope containing a non-activated GenieCard, along with all the instructions you need to activate your FREE debit card.