The GenieMessenger, developed by AllCom Worldwide Messaging, is a UNIQUE web/email icon that links people to you, free of charge from ANYWHERE in the world! Genie Messenger is the One-Click way for anyone in the online world to reach you, WITHOUT giving up your privacy! GenieMessengers are ideal for anyone who communicates online, whether doing business, pursuing hobbies, following their social life, or any other goal. Your GenieMessenger works with email, websites and social networks with equal ease.

Genie Messenger Lite - Web-based Text Message and Email Alerts from anywhere in the world, completely FREE!
Get multiple GenieMessengers, in various sizes, for different applications. For example; your name for personal use, your business name or department for business use. Just follow the instructions below to get as many GenieMessengers as you need FREE.

Create your GenieMessenger

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your Genie Number
  3. Enter your Temporary Password
  4. Click on Login
Each Genie Messenger is uniquely customized with your name or business name and your Genie Number. Choose which of three sizes to use on your emails, websites, online postings, electronic brochures and advertising – anywhere you go online! Instantly, everyone has a One-Click way to reach you, without you ever giving up your private contact information! Genie can deliver the message to you by text and email - however you want it.

GenieMessenger capabilities are included in the Genie Gateway and is currently being introduced to merchants at a disruptive price point of $19.95 per month, with a $1 trial period for the first month.

Activate a Genie of your choice in three (3) minutes

GenieChecking GenieCard
Merchant Agent

Why GenieMessenger?

With GenieMessenger - You can Get in touch and Stay in touch

The Genie messenger is the one click way for anyone in the world to reach you FREE of charge! Works in Email, Websites and Social Networks.

Watch the Video below to learn about the Genie Messenger - The one click way to communicate globally.