Religious Organizations

Religious Organizations

Utilizing the Genie Gateway religious organization members can tithe or donate from their smart phone and Internet connected devices. Recent studies have highlighted the fact that, attendance in most religious organizations (churches) is declining. In addition these same studies have also shown that relegious organizations who incorporate the use of online and mobile applications can increase their reciepts (tithing and other member donations) by over thirty percent (30%).

Using the Genie Gateway religious organizations members are able to donate and tithe 24/7 x 365 from any location on the planet. Religious organization members can tithe or donate from a church pew, their home, in their car or from anywhere where a smartphone or internet connected device can be used.

With Genie Gateway, religious organizations will avoid the high cost (3.95% as opposed to 12%), hassle and risk associated with today's credit card payment processing providers and alternative payment processing companies such as PayPal and others.

Your organization will receive one hundred percent (100%) of their membership online payments immediately from any member with a valid U.S. checking account.

Religious organizations that incorporate the Genie Gateway into their tithing and member donation programs are able to accept their members donations and tithe via the following:

  1. Online - (Members will use a smartphone or any internet connected device)
  2. Telephone - (Fixed or Mobile)
  3. The Genie Gateway Mobile App
  4. In-person - (Face-to-Face)
  5. Toll-Free Numbers - Nationwide or Regional
Unlike credit card payment processing providers and alternative payment processing companies, there is NO RESERVE requirement. In addition in the likelihood that a member dispute occur, the dispute period will be reduced from six (6) months to forty (40) days. Activate your account now by using the Merchant button below OR simply eMAIL Us for more information.

Brochures and Use Cases
  1. Alternative Payment Processing for On-line Pharmacies
  2. Merchant Account for Credit Repair Business
  3. On-line and Telephone Payment Processing for High Risk Merchants
  4. Payment Processing Service for Medical Marijuana Delivery Service
  5. Payment Processing Service for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators
  6. Payment Processing Service for Religious Organizations
  7. Payment Processing Service for Technical Support Companies
  8. Customizable Payment Processing Android App
  9. CashBox Load FEES and Cash Availability
  10. Genie Gateway Brochure
GenieChecking, GenieCard and Genie CashBox are included in the Genie Gateway which is currently being introduced to Merchants and Religious Organizations at a disruptive price point of $19.95 per month, with a $1 trial period for the first month.

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The Genie Gateway

What makes this all possible is The Genie Gateway which is an interactive multimedia communications hub, featuring a digital buffet of unified solutions; combining the benefits of a web-presence that is fully accessible from any internet enabled device, with voice, text, video, document messaging, virtual fax, group communications, including:

  1. An Online Store - VPOS (Virtual Point of Sale)
  2. A CashBox - Genie Cashbox
  3. A Checking Account and Debit Card
  4. Virtual Office - one unified solution.

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Watch the Video below to learn about the Geniecard - A Private, Convenient and Secure Debit Card.

The GenieCard can change your buying process completely. And it's easy to get; everyone over the age of 18, with a valid checking account at any U.S. bank can qualify. There are:

  1. NO Activation Fee
  2. NO Monthly Fee
  3. NO Credit check
  4. NO Employment verification
  5. NO credit card needed
  6. FDIC Insured of $250,000 per GenieCard
  7. LOAD your GenieCard with up to $5000 per day
  8. Over 100,000 loading stations (USA) nationwide
Each GenieCard includes its own ABA Routing and Account Number for ACH Deposits.

15 Reasons Why You Need a GenieCard Platinum