GenieCard Platinum

GenieCard Platinum

Genie Platinum is a prepaid Visa debit solution: GenieCard Platinum bridges the gap between traditional, banking, internet commerce, digital currencies and the cash economy.Genie Platinum is a prepaid Visa debit card that comes with its own virtual checking account plus a reloadable GiftCard! GenieCard Platinum offers the best of both worlds: the worldwide power of a Visa Card that can be easily loaded at over 100,000 locations nationwide.

Genie Platinum is integrated with a reloadable GiftCard: The Genie Gift Card is a closed loop virtual gift card enabling you to make payments to other members using only your cell phone number and your required text message approvals.

The GenieCard Platinum is simply the fastest and safest way to make payments in store, online, via mobile devices, or by phone - WITHOUT sharing your financial or personal information.

The GenieCard Platinum combines the best of TWO worlds; the Genie Club, our closed loop member services , which utilizes the Genie CashBox; and Check22, the open loop service which lets members access their funds from any checking account, in any bank in the United States of America.

The GenieCard Platinum makes it both easy AND safe for unbanked merchants and their customers to do business WITHOUT using cash and WITHOUT sharing private financial information.

Imagine a debit card, with complete privacy, convenience and security, designed specifically for unbanked merchants and their customers.

15 Reasons Why You Need a GenieCard Platinum

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Why the GenieCard?

Watch the Video below to learn about the Geniecard - A Private, Convenient and Secure Debit Card.

The GenieCard can change your buying process completely. And it's easy to get; everyone over the age of 18, with a valid checking account at any U.S. bank can qualify. There are:

  1. NO Activation Fee
  2. NO Monthly Fee
  3. NO Credit check
  4. NO Employment verification
  5. NO credit card needed
  6. FDIC Insured of $250,000 per GenieCard
  7. LOAD your GenieCard with up to $5000 per day
  8. Over 100,000 loading stations (USA) nationwide
Each GenieCard includes its own ABA Routing and Account Number for ACH Deposits.