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GenieChecking, GenieCard and Genie CashBox are included in the Genie Gateway which is currently being introduced to merchants at a disruptive price point of $19.95 per month, with a $1 trial period for the first month. You can learn more about the Genie Gateway by going here >>

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GenieChecks are fully negotiable checks, payable against the funds in your Genie CashBox. GenieChecks may be printed and deposited as an ordinary check, negotiated in person at a participating financial institution, sent as email attachments to third parties, printed and mailed to third parties by either you or by Genie Gateway, or printed and deposited electronically using any financial institutions “smart-phone” or other electronic deposit application. NO credit check, NO employment verification, NO credit card or bank account needed.

The GenieCard is simply the fastest and safest way to make payments in store, online, via mobile devices, or by phone - WITHOUT sharing your financial or personal information. It combines the best of TWO worlds; the Genie Club, our closed loop member services, which utilizes the Genie CashBox; and Check22, the open loop service which lets members access their funds from any checking account, in any bank in the United States of America. Easy AND safe for unbanked merchants and their customers to do business WITHOUT using cash and WITHOUT sharing private financial information.