Companion to Traditional Crypto Currency Accounts

Companion to Traditional Crypto Currency Accounts

Imagine having a $USD, Companion Virtual Checking Account together with your Crrypto Currency Account. Now this is something you can really take to the Bank!

When you sell your crypto currency , your market maker can credit your Genie Checking account with $USD in Real-Time. Your Genie Checking Account ties straight into the internet, letting you literally e-mail a check to anyone - including yourself - with absolutely no risk of overdraft, forgery, or any of the risks of an old-style checking account.

When you wish to buy additional crypto currency , You can pay your crypto currency market maker with $USD in Real-Time, directly from your Genie Checking Account, anytime, 24x7x365..

GenieChecks may be printed and deposited as an ordinary check, negotiated in person at a participating financial institution, sent as e-mail attachments to third parties, printed and mailed to third parties by either by you,VRDUSA or Allcom, or printed and deposited electronically using any financial institutions “smart-phone” or other electronic deposit application.

It is Easy To Qualify for an account:
  1. NO Activation Fee
  2. NO Monthly Fee
  3. NO Credit Check
  4. NO Employment Verification
  5. NO Credit Card needed
  6. NO Bank Account needed
GenieChecking is included in the Genie Gateway which is currently being introduced to merchants at a disruptive price point of $19.95 per month, with a $1 trial period for the first month.

Activate a Genie of your choice in three (3) minutes
GenieChecking GenieCard
Merchant Agent
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GenieCard Information

The GenieCard is Private, Convenient and Secure

The GenieCard can change your buying process completely. And it's easy to get; everyone over the age of 18, with a valid checking account at any U.S. bank can qualify. There are:

  1. NO Activation Fee
  2. NO Monthly Fee
  3. NO credit check
  4. NO employment verification
  5. NO credit card needed
  6. Merchants get paid in Real-Time
If a merchant you buy from is a member of the Genie Club, chances are that he or she can give you an envelope containing a non-activated GenieCard, along with all the instructions you need to activate your FREE debit card.